Moving content via CC Filson

A beautiful and moving short from the folks at CC Filson. Bravo.

Parallax, new life for photos in social?

A how-to article on FStoppers today got me thinking…what if my beloved Instagram had been more true to it’s photography roots? What if, instead of just slamming video support into the experience, they’d brought photos to life in a more sophisticated way? What if they’d developed a way to bring a poor-man’s parallax to the photo purist community that so loved their app? Would it have made a difference in the size of their user base? Maybe not. Would it have made the experience and community more unique in the ever-blurring-social universe that is Twitter and Facebook and Vine and whatever other social content sharing flavor of the week the kids are downloading these days? Probaby.

I still like Instagram, But if this were the way things went down, I’d likely still be in love with it.

Yet another mailer’s story

I love sharing my experiences with photographer promos that grab my attention. I get a TON of them, so when they cut through… I feel like it’s my duty to recognize the effort and creativity. Here’s another example for you photogs trying to get an Art Director’s attention.


Dan Root punched my inbox in the face today with a really strong piece. First of all…it was massive (18x24). It was also super-clean, high-quality and contained really authentic and unconventional photos. I dig it very much.


If you’ve read this blog, you know what a fan I am of authenticity and storytelling. Dan has a photojournalist background, and it shows. His stuff is really engaging, and not just because (in some cases) the subject is looking right down the barrel of the camera. His promo had great pacing and his work really makes you feel like you were there.

Dan, you have my attention.

If you’d like to see more of Dan’s work, check him out:


Viral video, prankvertising…call it what you want, I call it creative.

Viral videos are all the rage and have been for a while. The purely “viral” nature of such efforts when it comes to brands may be a thing of the past (if they ever really existed in the first place), their higher dollar, planned and pay-to-place cousins are nonetheless opportunities for some super creative experiences that will resonate with consumers and generate traffic and attention.

Thinkmodo recently came up with with a great one for the remake of the classic horror flick, Carrie. I won’t spoil it for you. I will say that this experience is VERY well done, perfectly timed and connected to the movie launch and captured in a way that makes for really compelling content. Bravo James Percela, Michael Krivicka and team!

Thanks to AdWeek for the heads up.


I always enjoy getting promotional mailers from photographers, they’re a great indicator of a shooter’s personal taste and creativity.

Photog Isaac Lane Koval sent me a fun piece of a different flavor (it might be pine)…an invitation to the Grand Opening of Buck Studio in Portland, OR. The invite included a “buck puck” with a handwritten note instructing me to RSVP by posting a creative photo or video featuring the puck to Instagram tagged with #buckrsvp. Food, bev, fun and prizes the reward.

Nicely done Isaac! I’m genuinely sorry I can’t join you.

Nice piece on local builder and photographer Todd Blubaugh of Twinline Motorcycles via @Tellason Denim.

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Fun with social media

The REI team assembled in the studio and executed an idea we hatched some years ago. Take gift questions from our members/customers via Twitter and Facebook, then surprise them with custom video responses in real time. We had photographers, art directors, writers, social media experts, tech advisers and “green vests” from our Seattle store all chipping in to make it happen. So far, it’s been super successful. Can’t wait to make some more. Here are a few highlights:

Extremely #creative chandeliers by @facarox made from #recycled #bicycle parts. More here on @etsy or at

A few video highlights from our motorcycle trip into Canada, kids…don’t try this at home.