Discovering Urban Cycling

Some of the latest-super-fun stuff I get to art direct here @rei. A small crew of ├╝ber-talented folk and I bopped all over Seatown, capturing REI members’ experiences riding their bikes in the city. The point, you ask? Inspire others to get out there as Bryce, Elece and Dartanyon do on a regular basis. A pretty great way to spend two rare-sunny (but very chilly) March days in the Emerald City, right?

It was challenging at times to get all the shots and audio we needed to authentically tell their story. At one point I even paid a street performer to take a break from his sax so we could get some interviews in the can. Luckily, he was happy to do so. A talented musician and a very cool cat…the conversation was one of the highlights of the day. The lesson? Creativity doesn’t end with framing and lighting shots.

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked with the result. I learned a lot, and am chomping at the bit for another gig like this. Hope you enjoy it.